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No other place on earth offers such rich and diverse opportunities as does the State of Israel. A start-up nation to its core, you quickly discover that innovation, passion, and creativity typify business and travel opportunities in Israel. Sar-El Group, a leader in these markets, is best positioned to introduce you to endless opportunities for personal enrichment and return-on-investment in Israel’s cutting-edge and developing industries.


Launched 30 years ago in Jerusalem by Samuel and Susan Smadja as a single office Travel Agency, Sar-El Group has grown to become a diversified group of companies, interrelated and coordinated to produce perfect business solutions for its clients and partners. The Group offers all-inclusive travel services as well as business and investment opportunities for domestic and international parties, spanning tours operation (DMC and online), media & event production, hotels, transportation, restaurants, VIP services, real estate, education, and more.

Having served more than one million customers from thousands of travel agencies and Christian organizations from around the globe, Sar-El Tours & Conferences has gained an impeccable reputation for its professional, reliable, and innovative business solutions.

The value of letting Sar-El Group of companies handle your business needs in Israel means higher quality, lower costs and more growth opportunities for you as you market your own products and services to your clients. Please contact us with your inquiries and look for detailed insights here.