From a humble beginning of a husband and wife team nearly 30 years ago…


Sar-El Tours & Conferences first office opened in Jerusalem.


Sar-El Tours' North American market share begins to expand.


Following the historical peace arrangement between Israel and Jordan, Sar-El starts operating groups to Jordan.


Our German speaking department was launched, dedicated to serving German speaking guests. Also, Sar-El experienced a signifant increas of business from Singapore.

Also, Sar-El experienced a significant increase in business from Singapore.


A dramatic increase in tourism is experienced following the Second Gulf war and the reduction of regional tensions.


Our Asian Department is opened, dedicated to serving visitors from Asia.


Sar-El offices expand significantly and move into larger facilities in Mevesaret Zion, west of Jerusalem.


Our first tour group from China arrives.


Sar-El Group opens its first hotel, the Reiss Hotel known today as Golden Tulip, in Kassel, Germany.


Our Brazilian Department opens up, dedicated to serving Brazilian guests.


The first luxury bus is purchased, dedicated exclusively to serving Sar-El Tour groups.


Sar-El Group serves Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and assists with construction and operations of their Middle East headquarters and production studio in Jerusalem.


Sar-El Group begins development of the David's Harp Hotel by the Sea of Galilee.


Sar-El Hotels Company is established.

Sar-El Group purchased the Ramada Netanya hotel.

Sar-El Group opens the first Sar-El Market (food court) in the Jerusalem upscale Malcha Mall.


Sar-El Group launches Sar-El Media & Production, providing media services to international & domestic clients.

Sar-El Group launches the Sar-El Academy, our educational division.

A partnership is formed with Travel Composer, serving high-end and executive clientele.

Celebratung the 25th anniversary of the opening of Sar-El Tours, accomplanied by a major rebranding.


Sar-El Transportation is formed to better consolidate and operate our transportation services.

Sar-El Tours celebrates the highest number of tourist served per year, hosting over 120,000 visitors from around the world!

Sar-El Group won the bid of the Israeli Parks Authority to construct a restaurant and a tourist compound at the Capernaum National Park by the Sea of Galilee.


Sar-El Transportation grows to a fleet of 25 luxury buses and VIP vans.

Robust production and hosting of online webinars, seminars and large international conferences serving thousands of participants during live events.


Standing strong while serving our valued clients during the Covid crisis.

Sar-El Group establishes a Real Estate company with El-Ram Real Estate.

Sar-El Online booking engine is launched.

Formed key partnerships and cooperations to further grow our Brazilian market.

Establishing a business partnership with Conexion Travel to grow our Spanish speaking markets and FIT tourism.


Sar-El Group relocates into brand new and spacious offices combining all the companies of Sar-El Group under one roof.

Coming Soon: Sar-El Adventures!