Sar-El Tours & Conferences brings to our clients 30 years of rich and impeccable experience. we have had the honour of serving international committees, numerous organizations and ministries, churches, educational institutions, professional delegations and leisure vacationers. We have served more than one million satisfied guests over the years and our valued clients include senior pastors and ministry leaders, university presidents and deans, as well as popular musicians, political delegations and many more.

Bringing to our clients the faith values of our owners and executive team, Sar-El Tours & Conference has distinguished itself as the premier incoming tourism service provider in Israel while specializing in Faith-Based and Bible-Oriented travel programs. Owning and operating sister companies that provide related services, our clients enjoy the efficiency, cost benefits, and seamless services that raise the quality of their Israel experience to an unforgettable and transformational level.

Our sister companies include Sar-El Transportation, providing all your transport needs; Conexion, which offers TaylorMade individual services as well as guaranteed departure (join a group option); Sar-El Hotels, offering a quality chain of hotels for our local and international visitors; and Sar-El Online which provides a one-stop-shop dynamic search engine to find and book tours, guides, accommodations, transportation and much more.

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