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Our David’s Harp Restaurant is the newest full service high quality restaurant on the northern shoreline of the Sea of Galilee. Located right next door to ancient Capernaum in the heart of one of the most famous tourist regions in Israel. It is just a short drive from St. Peter’s Primacy, Tabga and the Mount of Beatitudes. David’s Harp Restaurant will have the capacity to serve hundreds of visitors at the same time. We will feature the only floating dock on the Sea of Galilee which will provide docking for the famous wooden Jesus boats. The restaurant has a prime location and will enhance the experience of visitors and pilgrims who come to the Galilee.


Our restaurant is located at the beautiful site of the Capernaum National Park. The David’s Harp Restaurant started as a joint venture between the Sar-El Group and the Israel Nature & Parks Authority. They worked together to provide a place of worship, meditation and prayer on the Sea of Galilee for pilgrim groups. The complex will include the restaurant, a small amphitheater, a gift shop and a docking station for the wooden Jesus boats. Sar-El Group was honored to be granted the possibility to develop this project and we are thankful to be trusted with this historic and spiritual site. Our doors are opened and we are excited for the opportunity to serve the multitudes of pilgrims who arrive in the Galilee region retracing the footsteps of Jesus.

Yosef Muallim and Arik Kerin who oversee the new complex bring with them the values and rich experience of 30 years in Israel’s tourism industry. They successfully managed hotels and restaurants in the cities of Eilat and Tiberias, and for the last 13 years operated the famous “St. Peter’s” tourist restaurant on the shores of the Sea of Galilee with 400 hundred seat capacity.

Radi Talhami who manages the restaurant and accompanying services brings with him rich experience in hotel management while still teaching at the Tourism Academy in Tiberias.

Area of Services

The restaurant offers full services with a rich menu of local Israeli cuisine including the famous “St. Peter’s Lunch,” while hosting its guests in a modern and comfortable air conditioned waterfront space with full view to the magnificent vistas of the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.

In addition to the restaurant, the complex will include a 300 seat open air amphitheater for group events and worship. Visitors will also be able to enjoy our exquisite gift shop and they can stroll along the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee.

Adding Value to the Group

Operating as part of Sar-El Group, David’s Harp Restaurant Galilee will cooperate closely with our Sar-El Tours’ groups. The restaurant will offer our tourists added value to their itinerary, save precious time and enrich their experience.

The restaurant complex is located right across the road from our newest David’s Harp Hotel, a four star deluxe 300 hundred room hotel. We are close to the historic Capernaum site and next to the only floating dock operating on the Sea of Galilee serving the famous wooden Jesus boats. The restaurant is at the heart of the new experience that Sar-El Group is preparing for its guests when visiting this beautiful area that is so rich with biblical treasures and lessons.