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The right food - the best experience!

Sar-El Malcha Market is an upscale food court in Jerusalem, offering culinary delightful experiences through an immersive Israeli dining variety that is very different from the regular tourist lunch scene.

At our market, there is something for everyone. As you browse through the various restaurants and fresh food stalls, you’ll be able to choose from chef sandwiches, Knaf’e Middle Eastern delights, sushi rolls, tasty meat dishes, and a whole lot more.


The concept was born in 2015 as our senior management sought to add a culinary experience to Sar-El’s broad list of special services. Renovation work of the site began in 2016, and by 2017 the charming food court was opened to the public.

The vision behind the Sar-El Market was to enrich our guests’ experience while also improving the food culture of the Israeli mall by adding a high-end food court that is distinguished from the ones usually found in the local malls.

We created a food court with an upscale approach to the entire experience while offering our clients delicious local foods that Israel is known for. Our vision is to build upon this pilot Market project, test and improve our services and menus to perfection and then replicate the concept to other malls throughout the country.

Our Managers

Jonathan Choen

Jonathan Choen


Area of Services

Our first and main Market is located in the Malcha Mall in Jerusalem, one of the largest and newest malls in the city. In this sophisticated food court, we feature 11 different restaurants and food stalls ranging from favorite local Israeli dishes such as hummus, falafel, and lamb shawarma to international cuisines including classic hamburgers, sushi, pastas, ice cream, and a whole lot more.

Adding Value to the Group

Sar- El Market is designed to welcome and serve our Sar-El Tour groups when they visit the city of Jerusalem. With convenient parking and plenty of shopping opportunities, our guests enjoy an unforgettable experience of rich and unique Israeli cuisine while enjoying the modern and upbeat aspect of the Holy City.